The Healthy Baby Show

Founder of the beloved organic baby food company Happy Baby, and now Founder & CEO of Healthybaby — Shazi Visram has learned so much starting businesses and advocating for children’s health; but she’s learned the most from raising her two developmentally different kids. She’s also met some of the world's brightest minds along the way. Armed with everything she wishes she’d known the first time around, Shazi wants to share the knowledge she’s gathered to help parents raise healthy connected children that reach their fullest developmental potential. Each episode is a shortcut to hard-won parenting insight from leading doctors, scientists, experts, and friends on what the latest science and research says on cutting edge and debated topics in parenting, and what the future holds for parents in our rapidly changing world.

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About Shazi

Shazi Visram is an entrepreneur and mother committed to bettering the world through business that is socially, financially, and environmentally enlightened. As an advocate of social entrepreneurship, Visram is actively engaged as an investor and advisor to companies innovating for a brighter future. Visram serves on the board of Environmental Working Group (EWG), the Board of Overseers at Columbia Business School and Columbia College, in addition to being a Founding Member of Columbia’s Alumnae Legacy Circle.