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Our Shampoo and Body Wash System

Reduce, refill and recycle with Our Shampoo and Body Wash System. Our Concentrate makes a luxurious 2-in-1 foaming shampoo and body wash that is perfect for sensitive skin and gentle enough for newborns. Formulated with botanicals and probiotics to support baby’s natural microbiome. Each bottle of Concentrate refills up to 6 stainless steel bottles for more than 200 bath times!
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-34 oz shampoo and body wash concentrate

-1 reusable stainless steel bottle

- Use a measuring cup to fill stainless steel bottle with concentrate (ounces depends on what product you are making!)

-Fill the remaining space in the bottle with water (no higher than the twinkle on the logo)

-Gently shake to mix and use

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We don’t add any fragrance to Our Shampoo & Body Wash. However, Our Shampoo & Body Wash Concentrate contains chamomile, calendula, honeysuckle, and lavender oil which does have a faint scent.
We recommend diluting our concentrate with filtered or distilled water.
Because our shampoo/body wash concentrate contains a small amount of water, it is necessary to have a preservative to protect against any harmful bacteria and microorganisms. It’s important that a safe preservative is used. After years of development and testing, we have sodium benzoate as our preservative, as this is the safest option. Our concentrate is both EWG Verified and MadeSafe Certified, meaning their teams of scientists rigorously reviewed our ingredients and processes and have determined our shampoo/body wash concentrate as ultra safe.
Our shampoo/body wash is not tear-free. However, it is super gentle and safe and was developed for baby specifically. We recommend avoiding the eye area when using our shampoo body wash.
Because our formula is made of all-natural ingredients, the color will darken a bit over time. We recommend using the concentrate within a year of opening.

Looking for more info? Here’s our full FAQ.