Every Day Is Earth Day

What we're doing to make a difference

At healthybaby, sustainability is a key factor in every decision we make. Even if it means our bottom line is a little smaller, we choose to do what’s better and safer for the environment. From developing the first-ever EWG Verified disposable diaper to reducing single-use plastics to improving cloth diapers, we do all we can to keep the environment cleaner and diapers safer for the next generation.

Here are a few of the ways we make every day Earth Day:


The Best Cloth Diaper

Less waste, more natural materials. Cloth diapers are easier on the environment in general, and healthybaby's versions are the most sustainable of them all. We encourage all our members to give ours a try, even just for one change a day.


A Better Disposable

We are changing diapers in more ways than one. After years of research and hundreds of lab tests, we created the safest disposable diaper on the market. Our sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing practices make our diapers truly revolutionary.


Fewer, Better Things

Our mantra at healthybaby is ‘fewer, better things.’ That means reducing waste and clutter, and ensuring that the things we do choose to introduce to our environment are safe, high quality, and serve a purpose (or perhaps even more than one!). Make your home a healthynest by reducing single use plastics, avoiding harmful chemicals, and reusing household items in creative ways.

We’re changing more than just diapers

Cleaning System

  • Replaces multiple cleaning products in baby’s home
  • Chic, refillable stainless steel bottles
  • 100% plant and mineral-based ingredients
  • Replaces up to 33 plastic bottles and 50 rolls of paper towels
  • 50% less money spent on cleaning products
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Dry Wipes

  • 100% pure, GOTS Certified, US-grown organic cotton
  • No formula or liquid added-- make your own wet wipes at home by just adding water
  • Replaces plastic packaging with recyclable, cardboard packaging
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Our Shampoo/Body Wash System

  • Makes a gentle, luxurious foaming wash for baby and the whole family
  • Chic, refillable stainless steel bottles
  • 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Replaces up to 8 plastic bottles
  • 50% less money spent on baby shampoo and body wash
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