Our mission is to
protect and enrich the
full potential of every
child…and support
you along the way.
Motivated by a mission

Our life’s work is protecting and promoting babies’ health. It started in 2003 when I founded Happy Family Organics to provide safe, clean food to our babies as the foundation for health. I led it to become the largest and fastest growing organic baby brand in the U.S., making real change happen with new families around nutrition.

Personal journey

Beyond food, we learned there is so much more happening in baby’s environment that influences their health. While building Happy, we also embarked on our own parenting journey, which showed us more personally that children today face even deeper health challenges. Zane, our oldest, was diagnosed with autism at age 2 after a seemingly typical first 2 years. Zane is now 12, and like the 1 in 6 families whose children are diagnosed with developmental disorders every year, we have navigated life with his challenging special needs.

Backed by Science

So when we tried for our second, we consulted the leading experts to ensure optimal brain health. Armed with hundreds of research studies and with direct access to the world’s leading obstetricians, developmental pediatricians, neurologists, and environmental biologists, we then had our second beautiful baby, Asha. Asha is the beneficiary of all of this research, protection, and enrichment. She is healthy, connected, and uniquely empathetic.

Driven by passion and years of expertise

Healthybaby is the culmination of all that we have learned and want to share, because every baby deserves to be a healthy, happy, and connected. The unique experience of our children led to Healthybaby. Our hope is that Healthybaby will support all of the superhero parents throughout their journey with the information they crave, the products they need, and the coaching support they deserve so that we can all focus on what matters most - a happy, healthy life.

With love & support,
Shazi Visram & Joe Kulak

Our Founder

Shazi Visram is a mother, entrepreneur, and activist committed to bettering the world by improving the health and wellness of children and families around the world. Shazi is the Founder of Happy Family Brands, which she led to become the #1 organic baby food company in the US market with disruptive innovations that have democratized organic food for new families, despite very humble beginnings. Shazi is an active board member for the Environmental Working Group and Neurological Health Foundation. In 2013, she was acknowledged by President Barack Obama as “not only an outstanding businesswoman, but also a leader that all of us can emulate.

Our Philosophy

Pairing purposeful products with moments of meaningful connection

Our suite of product essentials pairs with a program of developmentally appropriate brain-building activities rooted in neuroscience. From breakfast to bath time to bedtime, we’re here to help you mindfully make the most of it all— elevating your daily routine to make deeper connections with baby.

Our Safety Standards

Because Baby is Soaking it All In…

Our focus is neurological safety. From our diapers and wipes to our skincare and non-toxic cleaning products, we eliminate common chemicals that are harmful to baby’s brain and body. Because we know that what touches baby’s skin is absorbed by the body, we’re pioneering a new standard of safety that protect baby from the outside in.