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If you are purchasing product from any of our partners in our holiday shop, those orders are fulfilled and shipped through their site. Our prices reflect the most up-to-date prices from our partner's websites and further discounts may not be applicable.
EWG's is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. We look to EWG for standards on formulation to find the safest ingredients for our products and for your family. EWG provides incredibly valuable consumer information about everything from pesticides on product, cleaners, sunscreens to tap water. EWG continues to shed light into what is truly in our environments everyday and how we can protect ourselves from their affects.
Made Safe is a non-profit program of Nontoxic Certified. They provided America’s first comprehensive human health and ecosystem-focused certification for nontoxic products across store aisles, from baby to personal care to household and beyond.
No worries! Email us at support@healthynesting.com explaining the issue, and we’ll sort it out.
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We’re sorry your order wasn’t perfect! If there is an error or issue with your order, please reach out to support@healthynesting.com explaining the issue, and we will work with you to sort out the problem and refund you.
You can find your past orders by logging into your account here.
Simply click the subscription button next to the product when checking out to select the subscription option.
You can pause or make changes to your subscription by editing the “My Subscriptions” section in your account.
We recently updated our name from Healthynest to Healthybaby. Some of our packaging will continue to say Healthynest as we make this change.

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