What I Wish I Had Known About Diapering + Potty Training

or most parents, there’s a lot of stress around diapering and potty training – whether it is because of the “ick factor,” the confusion about the different potty training techniques, or the guilt about the impact of diapers on the environment. In this episode, Shazi speaks with Bethany Van Delft, regular host for The Moth StorySlams and host of the kid’s news podcast The Ten News, about her experience potty training her two very different kids. Shazi also checks in with Andrea Olsen, the creator of “Go Diaper Free,” who has successfully potty trained her kids starting at birth using a technique called “elimination communication” – and coaches other parents to do the same. We also hear from parenting expert, Mariel Benjamin, who breaks down simple potty training methods and techniques, including the three-day method and the shaping method – and reminds parents how diaper changes are the perfect time in our daily routine for brain-building connections with baby.

Andrea Olson

Bethany Van Delft

Mariel Benjamin