What I Wish I Knew About Cleaning Up for Pregnancy

e are exposed to tens of thousands of chemicals everyday — in our air, our food, our water, and our homes – and the earlier that parents begin to think about these environmental toxins, the better. In this episode, Shazi speaks to world-renowned pediatrician, epidemiologist, and author, Dr. Philip Landrigan, one of the world’s leading advocates of children’s health, and Joycelyn Lyle, a Senior VP at EWG (Environmental Working Group). They both share why parents need to be especially cautious about toxic chemicals during pregnancy and in the years immediately after — and offer actionable steps parents can take to reduce their exposure to these chemicals. Shazi also shares what she learned from her exposure to neurotoxins during her pregnancy and why this propelled her to start her company, Healthybaby.

Episode 3 - Key Takaways

• Nefarious chemicals are everywhere in our environments and are damaging to children’s developmental health both in utero, as newborns, and throughout life  -  a good start to cleaning up your home is to consider items you use and consume every day including the food you eat, the water you drink, the cleaning products you use, and the diapers, wipes, and skincare you use on your baby’s precious skin!

• The Environmental Working Group makes the job of cleaning up easy - EWG is an advocacy group that has resources for you to understand your environment and protect your family’s health - see the Skin Deep App, Tap Water Database, Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen 

• You don’t have to be perfect in the effort to clean-up your environment, do the best you can and start by reducing easy exposures in the products you use around the house - it’s easier than you think

• Legislation in the US around chemical safety in consumer products is weak or nonexistent, use your vote at election time to install officials that address environmental safety for children and all future generations

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Jocelyn Lyle

Dr. Philip Landrigan