What I Wish I Had Known About About the Link Between Gut Health + Baby’s Brain

he gut and microbiome is increasingly being referred to as your “second brain,” with fascinating new research linking the microbiome to everything from behavior to skin health. In this episode, Shazi speaks with Dr. Jack Gilbert, Professor in Pediatrics at UCSD and Co-Founder of The Earth Microbiome Project and The American Gut Project, about the development of a baby’s microbiome and what parents can do to ensure that their baby’s gut and microbiome is as diverse and healthy as possible, from breastfeeding to beneficial probiotics. He also explains what he’s learned about the link between gut health and behavior, from both his research and his personal experience raising his son, who was diagnosed with autism. Shazi also shares what she’s learned from her own experience with Zane – and what she’s learned about the link between the gut and his behavior. We also hear from Michelle Eggers and Leila Strickland, Co-Founders of BIOMILQ – and their work to create breast milk without the breast, to ensure that future generations of babies are better fed.

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Dr. Jack Gilbert

Michelle Eggers

Leila Strickland