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Our Swim Diaper


A Swim Diaper and Lightweight Cloth Diaper Cover in one.

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Lightweight, breathable, waterproof. Use for swim or as part of our cloth diapering system.

Lightweight cover: Machine wash at 100 degrees F or lower, hang dry. Maximum ironing temperature is 120 degrees F. Do not bleach, do not dry clean.

Surgical grade Oeko-tex certified polyester

Fewer better things for baby

Our “Double Duty Diaper”

Our “Double Duty” Diaper is a swim diaper and lightweight cloth diaper cover in one. It is made of two layers of our super soft, secret weapon Oeko-tex certified polyester - super breathable, stretchy, surgical grade, and most importantly, provides the very best protection, with two rows of snaps so you can get the best fit for baby, even as she grows!

When using as a swim diaper, note that swim diapers are meant to hold in number 2, but not number 1! 

Because baby is soaking it all in

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