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Out of Stock 100% Organic cotton

Our Dry Wipes

Our dry baby wipes are 100% pure organic cotton with no formula or liquid added, allowing families a solution to make their own wipes at home with purified water. The purest you can get.

80 wipes per pack.

Our dry wipes are 100% pure organic cotton with no formula or liquid added, allowing families a solution to make their own wipes at home with purified water. These are the purest you can get!

Add water at home to make your own! Making your own allows you to, and also saves energy from not shipping around water.

1.) If you’d like to make your own wet wipes, take a handful of dry wipes out of the box (a few days worth), and place into glass or stainless steel tupperware.

2.) Slowly pour filtered water on to the dry wipes so they are saturated with water.

3.) You can use these wipes immediately for a diaper change to help with any mess!

4.) For any extra wipes that you didn’t use, put the lid on the tupperware and store for a couple of days at home.

5.) Store in a cool, dry place, away from the sun.

6.) It’s important to note that these home made wipes only last a couple of days, depending on how you store them.

7.) If you’d like to take some of your home made wet wipes with you on the go, we recommend putting some in a silicone bag and making sure the bag is closed well.

At healthynest, sustainability is a key factor in every decision we make. Even if it means our bottom line is a little smaller, we choose to do what’s better and safer for the environment. From developing the first-ever EWG Verified disposable diaper to reducing single-use plastics to improving cloth diapers, we do all we can to keep the environment cleaner and diapers safer for the next generation.

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Pure organic cotton

Our Dry Wipes

Our ultra soft cotton baby wipes can be used wet or dry. Each wipe is ultra soft and absorbent and made in California with cotton is grown in the US. Our dry wipes can be used to clean baby’s bottom, face, hands.

Conventionally grown cotton is the world’s dirtiest crop and uses 16% of the world's pesticides😮. Organic cotton doesn’t use fertilizers or pesticides and has a 45% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 90% reduction in water usage. That means that by choosing to use organic cotton, we are continuing to lower our impact on the environment and invest in baby’s future.

45% LESS CO2
61% Less Energy
100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you make your own wipes at home by adding filtered water to the dry wipes, depending on how you store them, your homemade wet wipes will last you about 2-3 days. Store your homemade wet wipes away from the sun and in a cool or room temperature place. It is important to note that these wipes don’t have a preservative added to them, so they are not okay to use after a few days.
There’s no right way to store your homemade wet wipes. This can depend on what works best for you and your home! We recommend storing them in a glass tupperware with the lid on, in a cool, dark place. It can be helpful to add a note or label with the date, so you remember when you made them.
We recommend using purified or distilled water to make your wet wipes at home.
The tan specs are plant fibers, and are a natural part of cotton harvesting! They’re always in your cotton products, however they are normally bleached and hidden.
Yes! Because the dry wipes are just pure, organic cotton and nothing else, they are biodegradable.

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