the healthynest
healthy way to be

As a team of likeminded and good hearted people at healthynest—

We are committed to using our business as a force for good, to enabling each of our children to live their highest potential by protecting and enriching their neurological health, their optimal development and the well being of the entire family so that we as a society can benefit from our children’s gifts and reach our highest potential together.  

As a team member of healthynest, I pledge to:

  • Do my part to provide safe, toxin free and enriching products and experiences to babies and their parents to enable healthy lives with resilient hearts and minds.

  • Always be improving and innovating to meet the new needs of our families, to support our company’s growth and to support my own personal growth.

  • Have a healthy mindset of positivity and care for others and myself.

  • Be mindful of waste and always look for a better way forward with fewer better things to offer consumers.

  • Be a leader in environmental stewardship by making commitments as a company and as an individual to protect our babies’ brains, bodies, immediate environments, communities and therefor the planet we all share.

  • Create abundance and give back. I recognize that contributing to others and the greater good is a source for happiness and pride and a reward for our collective hard work. Helping others in need is a gift and that by creating a successful sustainable business we can democratize access to better products and meaningful knowledge for every baby in every community.

  • Foster a supportive loving community where there is no tolerance for discrimination of any kind at all where diversity is celebrated and sought out for our team and our consumers.