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Why EWG Matters

Because baby is soaking it all in.

Babies’ skin is more permeable than an adults

Making it more susceptible to any chemical exposure

Yet diapers have historically never been regulated

AND your baby will wear 3000+ diapers in the first three years

So how do you know what’s cradling baby all day (and night)?

Parents need a mark they can trust.


The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is widely recognized as the most trusted and rigorous evaluator of safety in consumer products.

“EWG-VERIFIED™ goes beyond basic ingredient information and holds companies to the highest standards for health and transparency. I am thrilled that Healthynest has launched this game-changing product. The EWG VERIFIED™ diaper puts children’s health first.”
—Ken Cook, President of EWG


900+ Lab Tests
3 Years of Development
Peace of mind

Safety backed by science.

Products earn the prestigious EWG Verified mark by meeting stringent ingredient safety and transparency requirements. Each and every material included in our diapers is tested by third party labs to meet standards developed by a team of toxicologists, chemists, and epidemiologists at the EWG. Our diapers are made without VOC's, BPA, Phthalates, Parabens, Chlorine, and Fragrance. We also go the extra step to ensure they are not contaminated by harmful environmental toxins.

Full transparency.

We vet every partner and process along our supply chain to ensure that when our diaper arrives to you, we know that it’s the safest possible diaper. And we want to share that information so that you know that every material we’ve used to make our diaper is safe for your baby. In accordance with the EWG-VERIFIED™ standard, we disclose every material on our website and packaging. We believe that by being more transparent than the law, we can lead the change for the entire industry to do better.

Sustainably made.

We've selected the most premium & sustainable materials for safety, performance and softness because we believe babies deserve the very best. In a healthynest diaper, everything that touches baby’s skin is made of plant-based materials. Our diapers are made in Europe with love at a carbon neutral facility.

Made to work.

As parents, we believe that safety should never come at the expense of performance. We've spent years designing our diaper with the most innovative technology to ensure that our diaper is highly effective. Our diaper's fast-absorbing core is uniquely cotton enhanced to maximize softness and protect from leaks. Rigorously third-party tested, our diaper technology wicks away moisture to keep babies dry overnight, preventing rashes and skin irritation. Safe for baby's brain. Soft for baby's skin. Hard working so parents don't have to worry.

Our Diapering Subscription

Our EWG VERIFIED™ Diaper is just one part of Our Diapering Subscription, where we’ve brought together everything you need to make the most of these early years. The safest essentials paired with the best in science-backed support & stage-based activities, our program gives you the tools to drive connections with your baby around your everyday routine.

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