Nature Meets Innovation
The world’s safest, softest, highest-performing diaper.
Made with love by real parents.
The Diaper Years = The Brain Building Years

In the first

3 years

of life

Your baby’s brain is making


neural connections per second

While they spend


minutes in diapers

During the time of greatest potential, our babies are also the most vulnerable.
We demand safer for our babies.

Babies’ skin is more permeable than an adults

Making it more susceptible to any chemical exposure

Yet diapers have historically never been regulated

AND your baby will wear 3000+ diapers in the first three years

The Future of Diapers, Now.
100+ years of industrial pollution means that today our babies grow up in an environment filled with toxic chemicals harmful to their health. Even diapers are traditionally made with intensive processes that require chemicals. As parents, we knew we couldn’t wait for industry and regulation to catch up. We need to protect our babies now.

So we decided to make the world’s best diaper - designed for comfort, performance, and safety.

Healthybaby is founded to clean up babies’ environment, one change at a time. We operate with integrity and transparency - because parents deserve the very best experience to make the most of the time your baby is in diapers. Our babies’ health and the health of our planet depends on higher standards, now.

We are changing diapers
In designing the best diaper in the world, we’re prioritized:

Next-gen safety

to protect babies brain and body during prime development years

Superior performance

to give you the hardworking absorbency and dryness you need 

Dreamy soft comfort

to cradle baby all day and all night with sensory friendly softness

Sustainable purity

to be gentle on the planet today and tomorrow, for all future generations

The highest safety standards ever set for a diaper.
Toxicologist approved.

The First and Only EWG VERIFIED™ Diaper

Our diapers are the first and only to earn the prestigious EWG VERIFIED™ mark by meeting stringent ingredient safety and transparency requirements. 

Each and every material included in our diapers is tested by third party labs to meet standards developed by a team of toxicologists, chemists, and epidemiologists at the EWG. 

As a result, our diapers are third-party verified to have: 
✔ No VOC's
✔ No BPA
✔ No Phthalates
✔ No Parabens
✔ No Chlorine
✔ No Fragrance
✔ No Optical Brighteners
✔ No Chlorine

900+ Lab Tests
3 yrs Of Development
4,400 Ingredients Banned

“EWG VERIFIED™ goes beyond basic ingredient information and holds companies to the highest standards for health and transparency. I am thrilled that healthybaby has launched this game-changing product. The EWG VERIFIED™ diaper puts children’s health first.”
Ken Cook, President of EWG

01 — European Safety Standards
European Safety Standards

European cosmetic and product safety standards are far more stringent than US standards, with updates to regulation made more regularly. 

As recent as 2019, the French Health Ministry (ANSES) discovered 200+ toxic chemicals in diapers that can migrate into the urine and come into prolonged contact with babies’ skin.  In 2020, ANSES proposed restrictions to the European chemicals regulation, REACH, for manufacturers to comply to.

Our diapers are proudly made in Europe against REACH standards, not present in the US.

Why European diaper standards are superior

02 — Organic Cotton
The only disposable diaper with organic cotton

Conventionally grown cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crop and uses 16% of the world's pesticides, while organic cotton doesn’t use fertilizers or pesticides. Premium organic cotton is woven right into our cover, which is usually made exclusively of polyester. Super soft for baby’s delicate skin microbiome, and safer for their developing brain and body. As pure as it gets.

Organic Cotton: A Better Choice for All of Us

03 — Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Oeko-Tex Standard 100

As a Class 1 product certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, every single component and ingredient of our diaper has been tested for harmful substances. 

04 — Nordic Swan Ecolabel
Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets strict environmental lifecycle and chemical use requirements for all products bearing it’s certification. 

Does the diaper contain plastic?

At Healthybaby, we are on a mission to remove single-use plastics and leaching from plastic in everyday life. Yes, the Healthybaby diaper, like all disposable diapers, contains plastic. We have replaced petroleum with plant-based sources wherever possible. Plastic is necessary in disposable diapers to make them waterproof and to make them absorbent. SAP, which stands for super absorbent polymer, is what makes diapers absorbent, and is made of plastic. We have worked to ensure our diapers are non-toxic and we have designed unique diapers where the materials that cradle baby’s skin are plant-based. Our diapers are tested for VOCs, pesticides, heavy metals and more, by third-parties to ensure the utmost safety of every material, and we are working towards a plant-based SAP that works. In the meantime, we also offer a 100% cloth diapering option, so parents have choices when it comes to materials and diapering.

Why no wetness indicator?

Unfortunately wetness indicators can raise some concerns, because they're made using a dye or pH indicator that changes color when it comes into contact with urine, but this requires the use of chemicals like quaternary ammonium compounds, associated with reproductive and developmental problems, and halogenated organic compounds, which persist and cause damage to the environment. As being the first and only EWG Verified diaper, our current diapers don't have a wetness indicator. We took safety as our number one concern and only included what is absolutely necessary. We know (and have since gotten the feedback!) that wetness indicators are so convenient for parents. We are looking into potentially adding them in the future, but first need to be completely sure that there are no toxicological or safety concerns that would come along with them.

Cutting edge innovations for a healthier skin microbiome.
Skin health is babies first line of defense from the world, and keeping their precious skin dry from unwanted moisture is our first priority. Safety shouldn’t come at the expense of performance, and we’ve spent years designing our diapers with the most innovative technology in absorption and dryness to ensure baby’s daily comfort and happiness.


More effective at keeping your baby dry and preventing skin irritations

15% Lighter

More absorption with less  material. No saggy bottoms.


Certainty your baby is in the safest diaper possible

Super Wicking Topsheet

Fast drying fibers that wicks moisture away from the skin and remains dry all day. 

Flash Dry Technology = Instant Dryness

Advanced engineered fibers boosts the distribution of moisture into the diaper core with biomorphic capillary structure. Moisture is trapped away, keeping the skin always dry.

Magic Channels = Better leak protection

Magic weaving technology absorbs wetness faster and locks moisture away with fewer materials. Magic Channels also mold to the shape of baby’s body for tailored fit and free movement.

Up to 12 Hours of Protection

Superabsorbent material boosts leak protection that lasts through the night. More sleep for everyone!

Everything that touches baby’s skin is made of plants
We've selected the most premium & sustainable materials for safety, performance, and softness because we believe babies deserve the very best.

Dreamy Soft Organic Cotton Enhanced

Delicate fiber processing ensures the softest feel on your baby’s precious skin.

Ultimate Breathability

Our lightweight yet protective outer sheet is designed to provide drying airflow throughout baby’s busy day.

Free Movement Leg Cuffs

Stretchy and super soft for a snug fit around baby's legs. Made from the newest plant-based polymer for blowout control.

Sensory friendly tabs & waistband

Our Diapers - Innovative easy-stick fastening tapes secure our diaper snugly at baby’s waist and allow quick no-mess changes. 

Our Pants - Soft high-rise waistband makes our pants great on the go with tearaway seams for quick exits during changes.

Responsibly designed for the next-generation.