Dr. Cowan | Your intuition as a parent is never wrong. Trust yourself!

Key Takeaways:

Trust yourself:

  1. Fear clouds your intuition
  2. Keep at it until you find your groove, it will happen


I say this all the time - trust your instincts, trust your intuition, as long as you can move fear out of it, because fear will cloud your intuition. And your intuition is never wrong, but it is not trustworthy if you're in fear state.

There's a way of clearing fear to allow intuition to speak about what's the common thing that this baby needs, because at the beginning if we get too in our head or too afraid because we've read too many weird stuff on the internet or whatever, you can't trust, you can't reach your intuition, which is really, really reliable.

Did you know there's research that has shown that a mother's intuition is more sensitive to things moving in the right direction or not, than all the fancy equipment we have in our medical arsenal. The recognizing, the learning, that's taking place so fast opens up a possibility of forgiveness for you for not getting it right. Babies are deeply forgiving, unconditionally forgiving. They don't expect you to get it right. They're just trying to navigate, what is this world? You just practice it. Practice it like a spiritual practice until you get it, and then you get into a groove together. And it may be a different groove than you did with another kid, that you have, in a different group, than your neighbor's baby.

But you're trying to find that dance partner where that sweet spot is that you are both on the same wavelength and that takes practice. You don't have to get it right day one.

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