Dr. Adams | Why the healthynest prenatal is truly the best available

The healthynest prenatal:

  • was designed based on a review of 350 research studies
  • is tailored by trimester to support the optimal nutrient levels based on mom and baby's needs
  • is formulated with the highest quality, most bioavailable forms of key nutrients


I'm Dr. James Adams. I'm a professor at Arizona state university where I lead the autism Asperger's research program. And, I'm also the cofounder of the neurological health foundation.

The neurological health foundation is focused on developing guidelines for women to help them have healthy pregnancies so they can have healthy infants that reached their full neurological potential.

We're very concerned about infant health today, because there's so many health problems that infants have: 2% developing autism,  7% developing learning disabilities, 11% developing ADHD, many developing asthma, many more developing obesity, there are many infant health problems today, both physical and neurological.

So I have a daughter, um, who was, who developed autism. She was diagnosed at age two and a half. It was crushing to hear that my daughter was going to have a lifelong incurable disability.
This is devastating to my wife and I to hear this. And so I began switching my research to looking at the causes of autism and how to treat it. And that's why we began looking into prenatals because we discovered that prenatal support is so important for preventing many chronic health disorders like autism.

And we discovered that many of the methods that we need to prevent autism are also very important nutrients to help prevent many other neurological and physical health disorders

I've known Shazi Visram for many years because we both have children with autism. We both love our children very much, but it's very sad for us to see them struggle and to have had so much unhappiness because of their autism. So that's why Shazi and I have worked together to develop the healthynest prenatal because we believe it can help families avoid many of the challenges that we've gone through.

Most prenatal companies try to squeeze everything into just one capsule and you can't, you can't put all the key vitamins and minerals that you need into it, so they leave out many essential vitamins and minerals. At healthynest, we don't compromise.

We want to include all the essential vitamins, all of the essential minerals, and the essential Omega three fatty acids that women need during their pregnancy in order to have healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

It was a ASU’s women in philanthropy program that provided us with research funding to work with Mayo clinic to do research on how to optimize prenatals to reduce the risk of autism and many other health disorders. So with that research funding, we measured levels of vitamins and minerals in womenand that helped us determine what were some of the key nutrients that we need to include in a prenatal to help prevent autism, as well as many other health disorders. So we had a team of people working on developing the healthynest prenatal formula. I led the development, I worked with a nutritional biochemist who's taught nutritional biochemistry at New York university to medical students for many years. He's also an expert who runs a national testing lab for measuring levels of vitamins and minerals in people. So he, working with me, reviewed 350 research studies on prenatals to determine what's the optimal level of each vitamin and each mineral in a prenatal.

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