Dr. Adams | The key nutrients behind the healthynest prenatal

So we've researched over 350 papers to determine what is the optimal level of each vitamin and each mineral and how those needs change during each trimester.

As the infant grows, it's going to generally need more nutrients, more iron, more calcium, the healthynest prenatal is tailored to adjust each trimester to the nutrients that the infant needs during that time. 

We've chosen the form for each vitamin in each mineral set. These are the most absorbable forms and the healthiest forms. 

So by using these natural more bioavailable forms, we're going to have better absorption and better outcome 

So one great example is iron, roughly nine to 14% of women start their pregnancy with low iron leading to anemia. And when they become pregnant, iron needs go up so much that even 20% to 40% of women develop low iron during pregnancy. Most prenatals contain some iron, but they don't contain enough. 

Iron is important to carry oxygen to the baby's developing brain. The healthiness prenatal increases the amount of iron each trimester so that the baby's brain is getting enough oxygen as it grows and develops. 

We know that low B12, which we've measured in a research study with Mayo clinic is an important risk factor for autism. So all of these things we've included in the healthiness prenatal because we want to try to help prevent birth defects and infant health problems. 

One of the special ingredients in the healthy nest is that we use the natural form of folate. Most prenatals on the market use folic acid, which is an artificial form. made in the laboratory. Instead we use methyltetrahydrofolic to natural form, which is what our bodies make and which is the bioactive form. And so that's a key improvement that we've made in the healthynest prenatal. It’s a form that is going to be much more accessible to women's bodies. 

Inositol. It's a special sugar that occurs naturally in plants and it's been found to greatly improve a folic acid metabolism and help make healthier brains and that's why we include it in the healthiness prenatal. Inositol has been demonstrated to work with folic acid to promote brain development. 

Omega three fatty acids are an essential nutrient needed for normal brain development. Most prenatals don't have any. The healthynest prenatal contains a substantial amount of Omega threes from a natural source fish oil to help the brain develop optimally. 

For vitamin a, instead of using just beta carotene, we used mixed carotinoids from plants. So you get a much wider range of cartenoids like you get from eating your fruits and vegetables. So in the healthynest prenatal we choose the most bioavailable form of every vitamin and every mineral.

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