36+ | Emotion Roll


Sit down on the floor, across from your child with a ball that you can roll back and forth. When the ball is in your hands, label any feeling that you have - either how your body or mind feels. For example, you might say, "I feel happy; or, my body feels relaxed." Then roll the ball to your child and have them take a turn. Do this back and forth a few times, and offer your little one help finding the right words if they have trouble!

The Science

This activity is exercising numerous physical, cognitive, and social-emotional skills at once. On the surface, you are helping your child learn to label emotions — a critical skill that aids emotion regulation — and you are also helping your child identify physical feelings that are commonly associated with emotional experiences, thereby increasing their mind-body awareness. In addition, the format of this activity helps strengthen motor skills as they roll the ball and develop patience through turn taking.