12+ | Airplane Ride


Ask your child to pretend they are going on a trip to a far off land. Ask them to pick a destination and have them hop on the "airplane." Lie down on your back with your knees up, feet on the ground. With your child leaning against your knees, hold their hands and lift your knees up - take off! Gently rock back and forth and side to side. Narrate the trip - describe the scenery, pretend to hit turbulence - and ask your child what they see, hear and feel.

NOTE: If you prefer, your child can do this same exercise with their belly resting on a medium-sized ball. Hold out their hands as they "travel" to a far off land!

The Science 

This exercise stimulates the vestibular system which is responsible for balance and can also help a child reorient or reset themselves during periods of stress or when feeling overwhelmed. You are also stimulating their imagination and speech and language thereby strengthening connections throughout the brain.