Why Our Cloth Diaper Is Truly Special

At Healthybaby, we take the environmental benefits of cloth diapering to the next level. Our high-quality materials are thoughtfully sourced, and our production practices are the most sustainable in the industry.


The textiles we use to make our cloth diapers are truly special. Handpicked after extensive research, they include:

Organic, unbleached birdseye cotton

This ultra-absorbent yet breathable variety of cotton is used to make our inner diapers.

Merino wool 

This premium type of wool is one of the two options we offer for outer covers.

Oeko-Tex Certified polyester 

The other option for outer covers, this fabric is made from recycled materials. Both waterproof and water-repellant, it is remarkably soft and breathable. Our polyester has been subjected to the garment industry's most extensive testing by Oeko-Tex and found to contain no substances that are harmful to human health.



At Healthybaby, our commitment to sustainability figures into every decision we make, and it was particularly at the forefront when we chose how to produce our cloth diapers. The garment industry is known to create huge amounts of waste, so we were extra-careful in selecting a manufacturing partner whose ideals align with ours. 

Our cloth diaper manufacturing partner has flipped the script on garment industry standards, producing every single diaper on demand. That means that your cloth diaper doesn’t exist until you order it. It’s literally made for you. 

Each year, garment manufacturers create 40% more product than they are able to sell on average, and the excess typically ends up in landfills or incinerators. At our facility, that type of waste simply doesn't happen. Since our cloth diapers are made on demand, there are never any extra to throw away. And the environmental cost of using utilities to produce excess inventory is eliminated, as well.

In addition to the finished product waste, there are also fabric scraps. Other manufacturers trash up to 47% of these fibers and materials, but our cloth diapers are made in a "no-waste facility." That means our factory reuses all fabric scraps and excess fibers that are created during the manufacturing process instead of tossing them like the other guys.

Our manufacturer has also implemented new water-free dyeing technology, which decreases the need for water at the facility and keeps dye runoff out of the water system. 

One more good thing about our cloth diapers: they're made in the USA, providing good-paying jobs and strengthening our country's manufacturing industry.

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