We Are Changing Diapers

Because there are currently no viable options that work for diapers to biodegrade fully or recycling of diapers, we focused on where we can make an impact - replacing petroleum based materials with plant-based materials—therefore using less petroleum and crude oil to make our diapers. Did you know that about one cup of crude oil is used to make just one diaper?! At Healthybaby, we are proud to say that we are replacing petroleum with renewably grown plants (specifically, sugarcane), that we use as the source for a few components in our diaper: our top sheet, our back sheet, and even our leg cuffs. We are constantly pushing the envelope forward on replacing increasingly more petroleum with plants. We also replace polyester in our outer cover with cotton, further reducing the amount of petroleum used to make our diapers.

We’ve also carefully chosen our production partners based on their commitment to sustainability practices and willingness to innovate for the future. Our diapers are made in the factory in Europe, where safety, quality, and sustainability standards are among the highest in the world.