Meet Brian Mazza, Spokesperson for Male Infertility and Father of Two

Tell us about yourself
I love being a dad. Besides that being my most important job, I am the founder of High Performance Lifestyle Ventures. I love fitness, menswear, and anything to do with self progression.

Tell us your favorite dad joke!
Did you hear about the big Lego sale? People were lined up for blocks.

What was your most rewarding moment as a dad?
I honestly think it was when IVF worked. Being told we probably weren’t going to be able to have kids and it worked, I knew everything was going to be ok.

What is your most valuable dad advice and how would a new parent apply it to their daily life?
My dad used to always tell me, I’m not your friend I’m your father. That always stuck with me and I didn’t understand it until later in life. He would always say to me, I rather you cry than me cry. That was when I didn’t get my way trying to do something that might not have been safe or when I was older talking about real life scary situations.

What's a common dad-misconception?
That all dads need to give up on their fitness, fashion, and life. This is when you need to take all of those into a higher gear. So many dads just throw in the towel.

What do you wish people wouldn’t assume about being/becoming a dad? That it’s over for you as an individual. You don’t lose your identity, this is when you should thrive.

Whether in your life or at large, why is a dad's role so important?
My father was a very hands on dad. I think it’s very important for our children to spend a lot of one on one time with their fathers. Special bonds are formed during moments you wouldn’t expect.