The Fearsome Fourteen

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the back of a product and gone cross-eyed? It can be overwhelming to try to decipher the mile-long words for chemicals that appear in skincare and cleaning products. Staring at words that look like someone just jumbled a bunch of letters together can make anyone want to throw their hands in the air and give up. But don't fret! We've put together a list of the worst offenders that appear in skincare and cleaning products to help you more easily make the best decisions when you shop. 

You can rest assured that none of these nasties appear in any of Healthybaby’s products. We're committed to offering the best-performing items for your family while protecting you and the environment from harmful chemicals. 

Group 1: These ingredients are the worst of the worst. If you see any of these on a label, definitely steer clear.

  1. Phaltathes
    known endocrine 
    (hormone) disruptors.
  2. Polyethylene glycols (PEGs)
    petroleum-based compounds that can be contaminated with known human carcinogens.
  3. Isobutyl and isopropyl parabens
    endocrine disruptors and harmful to reproductive system
  4. Ammonia
    can harm lungs, skin, and affect brain function.
  5. Triclosan
    endocrine disruptor and may also cause skin cancer.
  6. Quaternium 15
    releases formaldehyde
  7. Formaldehyde
    known carcinogen

Group 2: These ingredients are less egregious than the ones above, but there is evidence that they may be harmful. Though some brands that bill themselves as "natural" or "environmentally-friendly" still use these ingredients, Healthybaby has taken the extra step to ensure they do not appear in our products.

  1. Phenoxyethanol
    skin irritant that may also affect brain function and central nervous system.
  2. Benzisothiazol
    skin and eye irritant
  3. Methylisothiazolinone/methylisothiazol 
    may harm lungs and brain.
  4. Benzalkonium chloride
    and eye irritant that can also effect the lungs, brain, and gastrointestinal system.
  5. Fragrance
    can cause 
    asthma or other respiratory problems, headaches, dermatitis; can include formaldehyde, phthalates, and synthetic musks – all endocrine disruptors.
  6. Cocamidopropyl betaine
    skin irritant and bad for environment.
  7. Long-chain per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAs)
    possible carcinogens