Benefits of Cloth Diapers

There are so many reasons why families choose cloth diapers. They're good for the environment, they're good for the budget, they're good for baby, and they're pretty darn cute, too. Here are some of the most notable benefits cloth diapers can provide.

Ecofriendly on Many Levels

We've all heard that cloth diapers are better for the environment, but what does that really mean? Since cloth diapers are reusable, not only do they create less waste to be sent to landfills, they also keep fewer garments from being made in factories. Minimizing the amount of garments being created means minimizing the environmental impact of the clothing industry, which has been known to be a major offender when it comes to pollution and waste. 

Some have criticized using cloth diapers because of the amount of water required to wash them, and scientific studies have released conflicting data on whether cloth diapers use more water than disposables over the course of their life cycle. But the other environmental benefits still make cloth diapers a good option, and using a high-efficiency washer or sending diapers out to a cleaning service that washes in bulk can help mitigate the water usage.

Easy on the Wallet

Using cloth diapers means spending less. Though a cloth diapering system requires an initial investment, most studies show that families who use cloth diapers pay less over time. And since the diapers are reusable, there are no emergency runs to the store. Everything you need is right there.

Comfy, Natural Fibers

All parents want the materials touching baby's skin to be soft, natural, and safe. Cloth diapering gives families the ability to choose the fabric they want their babies to feel. Bamboo, wool, hemp, and modal are among the fabrics used in cloth diaper inners, but we recommend our 100% organic unbleached birdseye cotton inners, of course!

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